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Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter are the best tools to reach potentials customers and to build social exposure for your business and Social Media Marketing does all of this. Social Media boosts your online existence. With every post on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and etc., a new opportunity is created for others to socialize with your content and a chance to earn backlinks in return. It’s that simple.


Features and Benefits:

• Brand gets recognition by persistent social media campaign
• Builds new relations with clients and creates new opportunities
• Your content stands out with G+ Authorship in search results
• More sales and leads
• Massive traffic
• Ultimate increase in direct conversion
• More interaction, more customers
• Gives you attention for leaders in your industry


Why Professional Social Media Management?

Though Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and etc. are free but not everyone can run a social media campaign on it. There are many small business that run their campaigns themselves and invest quite a few precious hours and the results are nothing…literally NO ROI!! So to get a RESULT DRIVEN social media campaign, you need a professional social media management team.

Social Media Management FeaturesDescription
Reputation TrackingWe track mentions of your website/company on social media.
Negative Mentions Alert!We keep you alerted by email if there is any negative remarks about your product on social media.
PostingWe can post everything including articles, reviews, blogs, news, offers, and events on your social media profiles.
Set UpWe create and set up basic Facebook and Twitter profiles of your company which look different from others. (Included in Interact and Community Plans)
Editorial CalendarWe setup a schedule for your social media campaign. (Included in Interact and Community Plans)
AcknowledgingWe interact and acknowledge those who love to share your company’s stuff and hence that increases more opportunities for leads. (Included in Interact and Community Plans)
Reaching OutWe reach all relevant groups, platforms and industry leaders and get acknowledgement for your brand. (Included in Interact and Community Plans)

Social Media Marketing plans: Monitor, Post, Interact and Community.
Custom backgrounds or Facebook tabs will be quoted separately. Not all services are included in all plans.

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