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PPC – Pay Per Click

PPC — Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The Fast Track to Page One Search Results

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

Pay-Per-Click, or Paid Search, refers to an online advertising campaign in which your Ads are shown on the first page of search results on different search engines and websites that serve ads when people search for those keywords that are related to your business. Social Media giants like Facebook also provide same advertising opportunities for promoting your business. You have to pay only when someone clicks on your advertisements.

Features and Benefits of Pay-Per-Click:

  • Quick start – You launch the campaign and your ads runs right away
  • Independence to fix your budget and maximum cost per click you can afford.
  • Customized campaigns – For Targeted Geographical locations and own your own selected days and time.
  • Serve targeted ads to  people who already visit your website by re targeting campaigns
  • Google Ad Network display ads on those websites that are relevant to your products and business/services
  • Targeted ads served to mobile users as well
  • Low per lead cost as compared to other avenues of advertising
  • Keyword execution can be maximized to build a strong SEO campaign that is effective
  • Best compliment for your Search Engine Optimization Campaign


You Can See Success!

You get a comprehensive online report about your ongoing PPC campaigns. Included:

  • Analysis about your goals, conversions, spent budget, cost-per-click, and cost-per-conversion of your campaigns by our reporting program and let you see which keywords and ads bring traffic and more conversions for you.
  • Regular alerts on web, spend and all phone call conversions.
  • Predicted and real time conversions
  • Monthly report
PPC FeaturesDescription
Opportunity EvaluationIn the beginning, we make an evaluation about the products you want to sell, services you are willing to offer, goals you want to hit and analysis of your competitors and their campaigns. If this evaluation indicates that PPC can work for you, then we suggest an action plan for you.
Conversion GoalsWe help you recognize your objectives so we can report your precise degree of profitability. If campaigns are adjusted with tactics, helping results get in line with goals.
Conversion OptimizationWe keep an eye on latest marketing trends and plan your campaigns accordingly to keep minimum cost-per-click.
Budget ControlBudgets small or high, opportunities are always there and we grab them for whatever budget you have.
Targeted ReachCustomizable targets, worldwide, specific geographical locations or anything between them.
Controlled Ad ExposureMaximum care in selecting keywords so that your ad shows only in relevant search results.
Targeted KeywordsWe find the best keywords that are cost-effective.
Creative Ad CopyOur PPC experts compose insightful ads, focusing on the message to draw in clicks just from individuals who are searching for a business like yours.
Fast and FlexibleLaunch the campaign and your ads are LIVE right away and can be scheduled according to your business hours, some vacation or during some special events.
Daily UpdateJust log in to your dashboard and have a comprehensive insight into all aspects of your PPC campaign and check LIVE data that is updated daily.
Monthly ReportGet a monthly report about your campaign in PDF right in your email inbox.
Campaign ReviewWe review your campaigns regularly to check if they are working fine or need some adjustment.
Google Adwords CertifiedWe have a result oriented team of enthusiastic Google AdWords certified professionals.
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