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Sales Lead Tracking

The Guesswork is Gone.

Benefits and Features of Our Sales Lead Software

Calculate your Return on Investment (ROI ) in all campaigns and make informed decisions

Get access to tracked phone calls and online form submissions in real time

Get visual analysis from a geographical map of your leads with comprehensive details about them.

lead map

 Campaign medium (Email, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, etc.) automatically added with each lead which helps you decide which campaign is more productive and profiting

Track all leads with access to name, address, phone and URL they came from

Use this comprehensive and detailed data to plan upcoming more targeted campaigns

Get full access to Dashboard and keep an eye of all your leads and campaigns whenever you want, available 24/7/365

Sales Lead Map

Dashboard displays all leads on a map. Green Marker indicates that lead came from phone call and blue one indicates that lead came from web.


Automated Lead Source ID

For a deep insight into ROI, our software detects and keeps records of all sources leads came from and you can have access to all this data.


Sales Lead Graph

A graph in your dashboard showcases monthly leads from web and phone calls.


Marketing Report Email

All the information you need, sent daily or weekly


We Offer Transparency for Key Marketing Metrics

It’s very essential for your business growth that you must keep an eye on your corporate performance and get constant updates about it but obviously it’s a time-taking process to deal with your ongoing campaigns and it doesn’t come up to meet your expectations.

A comprehensive analysis of your ongoing marketing campaigns will be delivered right into your email inbox daily or weekly, as per your choice.


Benefits of Your Weekly/Daily Marketing Report:

  Get a complete map of your campaigns with all necessary information

  All information will go right into your inbox and you don’t have to spend extra time for manually tracking your campaigns

  Get instant access to your dashboard by a given link in email and have a look at detailed information of your ongoing campaigns

  Important figures documented by us will make your realize the value of your marketing campaigns.

  A daily or weekly email in your inbox will remind you to check progress of your campaigns easily.

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