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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Reaches Consumers Where They Sit, Stand, Walk, Shop, Work, Eat…   You get the Idea

Why Email Marketing?

Almost 100% of the people who have Internet access (and that’s worldwide) love to send and receive emails.

On normal, individuals check email six times each day. Individuals who own cell phones (more than half of US) check email throughout the day consistently and night!

Nearly 100% of first-time visitors to a website leave without completing a conversion. Email engages your leads and nurtures them along to the point of conversion.

Email Marketing targets clients with thoroughly customized and up-to-date substance and increase chances of conversion

All information about new short-time offers, industry updates, etc. are delivered to your clients in time.

Decreases per lead expenses as compared to other forms of advertising and marketing approaches


email marketingTrack Your Success

Our dashboard tracks and reports all campaign data and latest trends.






Template LibrarySelect your favorite template from our template library of easy to customize templates.
Professional and EasyCreate professional and adoptable Email Content with our customizable templates.
Image UploadChoose any image from our image store or upload one from your PC.
List ManagementMake and manage email lists or import email leads from our service centers automatically or embed with them with alternative options.
Send OptionsJust make a campaign for the first time and let the whole process automated, Send automatic emails on your selected days of your own will and if a new email is added, emails will be forward automatically.
Real-Time TrackingEasily track all data about opens, bounces and unsubscribes have the information you need to fuel your decisions.
Actionable DataUse comprehensive report of clients who opened your email to outline targeted upcoming campaigns.
ReliabilityIncorporated with Amazon SES for dependable delivery of items.
Consolidated MarketingOur consolidated dashboard helps you track all your campaigns at one place.
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