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Marketing Audit

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Do you have an existing marketing plan in place?

Do you have a specific person responsible for managing marketing?

Is your staff familiar with and trained on how to market your company’s products and services?


Do you know who your target market is?

Do you have the demographics of this market? i.e. age, sex, income level, etc.

Who are your top 3 competitors?

Do you know what services they offer and what their prices are?

Do you know how much income your business is capable of producing at the level it is currently at right now?

Do you subscribe to a newsletter for your industry so that you are aware of what news is happening? Do you stay current with what’s happening in your industry?

How many marketing systems does your business have in place to contact existing customers or consistently acquire new customers?

How many times per year do you have contact with existing customers?

Do you provide educational information or materials to your customers?


In this section you’ll look at the different marketing methods available to businesses today.

Do you have a website? What is the URL?

Do you have more than one website?

Do you know how much traffic your website receives each day, week, month? How
much of that traffic are unique visitors?

Do you have a keyword list for your business and check it regularly to keep it updated?

Is your website set up for search engine optimization (SEO)?

Is the information on your site current and updated regularly?

Is your website easy to navigate and is it easy for visitors to find information from the home page?

Does your website collect visitor information through a newsletter or other sign-up offer?

Do you have a pre-scheduled email autoresponder series that is sent out when someone subscribes?

Is your phone and address listed on the home page and easy to find?

Do you have a contact form on your site with a map or written directions (if appropriate)?

Do you use a tracking phone number on your website to determine what calls are coming from it?

Does your website include the following for visitors who may not be familiar with your business?
An About Us page or something that tells about the company’s historyServices and products you offer are easy to see from the home pageDifferent pages on the site for the different services and products you offerEnough information to answer your customer’s questionsInformational articles on your area of expertiseClient testimonials (preferably video) that include a picture and namePhotos of your productsA price list or prices for your productsPhotos of your personnelClear calls to action


Do you currently have any videos on your website?

If so...

Do you have a YouTube channel?

Are your videos optimized for the best search results possible (SEO)?

Do you have a video marketing plan in place?

Do you send links to your videos in your follow up communication with your customers (email, text messaging)?

Does each of your videos have a clear call to action?

Do you have a system for distributing your videos to the top video, social bookmarking, and article marketing websites for optimal exposure on the internet?


Do you have a system in place to collect email addresses for customers and potential customers?

Do you use an email marketing service like Aweber or Constant Contact?

Do you produce a regular email newsletter or videos for your customers and prospects?

Do you keep track of the responses to your email mailings (opens, click-throughs on links, unsubscribes)?

Do you occasionally send exclusive mailings to your email list such as special offers or alerts?

Do you have special email sequences that you use for events such as a new customer sequence, a tip sequence, etc?


What online advertising methods does your business currently employ:
Pay Per Click ads such as Google AdwordsSearch Engine Optimization – for high search engine ranking for your main key words


Do you have a blog on your site?

Do you have a separate blog such as Blogger or WordPress?


Check off which of these your business currently uses:
Facebook Fan PageTwitter accountLinkedIn accountGoogle +YouTube


Check off which search engines you’ve set up and claimed your local search listings on

Are you familiar with Google Places and how it helps with the SEO of your website?


Check off what you have set up
Mobile WebsiteMobile Landing PageMobile AdsQR CodesSMS


Are you using online directories to market your business?
Online Yellow PagesYelpCitySearch


Are you using Facebook ads?


What other advertising methods do you use?
Referral program for existing customersAffiliate program for related business referralsDirect mailRadio adsTVVal Pak or other bundled direct mail adsNewspapersCraig’s ListAngie’s List


Does your business have a sign that is easily visible from the street (If physical location is important)?


Does your business use press releases to make announcements?


Does your business have a media kit for media inquiries you might receive?


Do you have an annual marketing budget?

Is your marketing budget based on a percentage of your gross income?

What is your average monthly expenditure for marketing and advertising?

What are you spending that on?
Yellow pagesVal PackOnline AdvertisingRadioTV

What is your average transaction value?

What is the annual value of your customers?

What does it cost you to acquire a new customer?


How do you measure the effectiveness of your marketing methods?

Do you keep track of how a caller or new customer heard about your business by asking them and writing it down? Does your staff do this too?

Do you have a system to separately track how your different marketing methods are working for gaining new customers?


Does your business continually look for ways to offer more value to existing customers by marketing other products and services?

Does your business have joint venture relationships with other businesses that have complementing products and services to offer to your customers?

Does your business look for ways to get current customers to buy more often?

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